531 Storytelling: Teachers
7:00 PM19:00

531 Storytelling: Teachers

Teachers may come into our life in many forms, but they usually help light our way. Come enjoy an evening of five true stories (ten minutes long) told by five magnificent humans, three songs from one of our beloved singer-songwriters, and one community of people living into the warmth of a better world, creating itself right here and now.

Our theme? TEACHERS
Our STORYTELLERS? Alli Marshall, Tanner Pickett, Ruth Pittard, Meredith Doster, and more
Our MUSICIAN? Zachari Cahn
Our HOSTS? Jasmin Pittman Morrell, Nancy Sehested, Brian Ammons, and Gareth Higgins
Our audience? YOU (and your friends)
The COST? It's free - though we pass the hat for donations to help cover costs. Let us know below if you can make it, and share the invitation widely. And if you've never been before, maybe try it out this time? We won't bite.

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