We offer several opportunities to gather in-person around the themes in The Porch. Retreats, Festivals, and other magic are available. See below for information on festivals and retreats. In our home base of Asheville, NC, we host regular 531 storytelling events and Movies & Meaning screenings.  531 is on the second Monday, Movies & Meaning on the last Monday, of most months. The next 531 is Monday September 10th - click here for more details.


We host two festivals each year - the Movies & Meaning Experience in Asheville, North Carolina; and the New Story Festival in Austin, Texas, in March. Click the festival names for more information.


Retreats of between two days to over a week are available, often co-led by The Porch founder Gareth Higgins. Click here for more information on weekend retreats, and here for information on our longer retreats in Ireland, in which we take a deep dive into learning about peacemaking on the inside and out.